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Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot? Here’s How to Stay Cool, Cool, Cool

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If we’ve learned anything this summer, it’s that the planet is hotter than ever. In fact, recent reports have stated that the earth has experienced its hottest day on record, and there are even more sweltering days to come. 

With that news in mind, many of us are doing our very best to stay cool during a super-hot summer. Of course, weather experts know what’s best and what’s safest during this heatwave. And with August being named Summer Sun Safety Month, we’ve uncovered some expert tips for keeping totally chill in these dog days of summer. 

Are you ready to chill out? Keep your home and your family totally cool this August by following these icy tips!

Chill Out with These 8 Sun & Heat Safety Tips!

There are several easy ways to avoid overheating, sunburn, and unwanted AC repair service this summer. Let’s get started!

  1. Be Mindful of the Sun.
    According to the Mayo Clinic, avoid the sun between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. These are the hours when the UV rays are the strongest and can be the most damaging to your skin.
  2. Check in with Your Thermostat
    To be certain your home is cooling at its best efficiency, do a check-in with your thermostat. Be sure it is placed on an inner wall away from direct sunlight. This way it will read your room’s temperature more accurately and keep that room happily chilled.
  3. Always Apply Sunscreen
    We all enjoy a good beach day. But don’t forget that even cloudy days don’t protect your skin from the sun’s rays. When heading out into the sun, the CDC recommends applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen that is at least 15 SPF or higher.
  4. Practice Good HVAC Maintenance
    There is nothing more refreshing than the feeling of an air-conditioned room when you’ve had a hot day outdoors. But AC won’t work at its best if it’s ignored. Always schedule AC maintenance before the summer season to ensure your system is working at its best. A well-maintained cooling system can even help prevent premature air conditioner replacement and emergency AC repair.
  5. Choose Your Sunglasses Wisely
    Did you know that too much UV light can hurt your eyes, too? When venturing outside, be sure you’re wearing sunglasses that offer UV-light protection. You’ll want to choose eyewear that blocks both UVA and UVB rays from your eyes.
  6. Don’t Overwork Your AC
    Have you changed your air filters recently? If not, you could be overworking your cooling system. Blocked or dirty air filters cause your system to work harder than normal which wastes energy and money. Replace old filters every three months for the best cooling efficiency!
  7. Dress Appropriately
    Wear clothing that is loose, light, and airy. To keep sun off your face when outdoors, wear wide-brimmed hats to protect your skin.
  8. Keep Blinds Closed
    Away during the day? Keep your blinds or curtains closed to prevent the sun from heating up your indoor space.

You’ve Got it Made in the Shade When You Call Us!

From taking a dip in the pool to eating ice cream, there are many fun ways to beat the heat during the summer months. But when your cooling unit takes a bad turn, your first choice for cool relief should be to call the team at Air Experts! We’re available seven days a week when you need HVAC service. Call us for helping with AC repair, air conditioning replacement, emergency AC repair, indoor air quality service, programmable thermostats, and so much more!

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