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Cool Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer

It’s summertime in New Jersey. And this can mean many things to many different folks. For some of us, it’s long weekends “down the shore” and for others it’s sunny days by the poolside hanging out with friends. But there’s one thing that we can all enjoy during summer—chilled indoor relief on those sweltering days when the sun and humidity won’t stop.

Even if you don’t end up having fun down the shore or sunbathing by the pool, there are many other creative ways to keep cool this summer. Need some ideas? Here are seven.

Chill Out with Our 7 Cool Tips

  • Make a Sundae
    OK, let’s start off with our favorite way to remain totally chill each July—eat ice cream! That’s right, thanks to former President Ronald Reagan, consuming America’s favorite dessert is a presidential proclamation! Since 1984, July has been designated National Ice Cream Month and a few creamy scoops on those sizzling days is the recipe for staying cool.
  • Utilize Your Ceiling Fan
    Do you have a ceiling fan? If so, turn it on! Ceiling fans offer a “wind-chill” effect on your skin that helps you feel cooler. The secret is to set ceiling fans counterclockwise during summer. This direction pushes the cool air from the top of the room into your living area and results in a cooling effect. Extra tips: Keep fans on low speed for the best result and turn them off when you leave the house to help save energy.
  • Call for an HVAC Service Tune-Up
    To keep that cooling unit in top condition and avoid the need for premature AC repair, don’t forget to schedule a regular HVAC tune-up each season. A professional HVAC service [BM1] checkup will ensure optimal system efficiency, keep energy costs low, improve indoor air quality, and keep you and your home at a comfortable temperature.
  • Eat Frozen Blueberries
    Not only is July National Ice Cream Month, but it has the honor of being National Blueberry Month, too. For an extra cool treat, freeze some blueberries. Then, when the kids get cranky, celebrate both holidays by tossing some frozen blueberries on some ice cream! It’s a great way to cool the kids down.
  • Cook Outdoors
    Enjoy grilling? Then don your best grilling apron and hit that patio for some outdoor barbecuing! In fact, in addition to blueberries and ice cream, July is also recognized as National Grilling Month! Outdoor grilling is an excellent way to give your indoor appliances a break. Avoid heating up your indoor space with stovetop and oven-use by taking your meals outside. 
  • Upgrade Your Blinds
    If your most common living space gets a great deal of sun, consider UV blocking shades or thermal curtains to prevent sun from heating up your home.
  • Create Your Own Cooling
    If by chance you are waiting for AC repair or air conditioning installation, you might want to make your own AC while you wait.  For a temporary fix, fill a large bowl with ice and place a desk fan behind it. Turn it on and shazam—instant cool air! 

Need Help Beating the Heat?

Don’t forget, if you need professional help beating the heat this summer, the crew at Air Experts is here to assist. We cater to all things HVAC, so feel free to call our pros for all types of HVAC service including AC repair, air conditioning installation, indoor air quality products, heating replacements, smart home installation, and more! You can call us at (732) 759-0934 or schedule an appointment online today.  

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