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Fun Facts & Care Tips for Your Furnace!

Happy September! It’s hard to believe summer is coming to an end, and kids have already returned to school. But the time has arrived.

In recognition of kids being back in the classroom, we thought we’d give our customers a little bit of an education, too. After all, you shouldn’t stop learning just because you’re out of high school, right?

Right! So, listen up homeowners. As the summer fades into fall, temperatures will begin to drop—which means you’ll be saying goodbye to that air conditioning, and hello to that furnace.

As you prep for the change in seasons, here are some facts you may not know about your furnace.

Fun Facts About Furnaces

  • The furnace, which is a forced air system, is the most common type of home heating system.
  • The furnace dates back a long way. In fact, the Roman Empire first used furnaces to heat up public places and baths. Back then it was called a hypocaust.
  • There are four main types of furnaces: oil, gas, propane, and electric. All have their own benefits.
  • Gas furnaces typically have a pretty long lifespan, lasting about 10 years, with boiler and electric furnaces usually lasting longer. .
  • Proper, professional installation is one of the keys to increasing the lifespan of your furnace.
  • In 1805, an Englishman named William Strutt invented a type of forced warm air heating system (furnace) that heated cold air. From there the warm air was transferred through ducts into the home.

Plus, 4 Care Tips to Follow, Too

Now that you’ve had your history lesson, it’s time to learn practical ways to keep your furnace in its best shape.

Here are four ways to ensure top efficiency from your furnace.

  • Change your filter. Changing your filter on a regular basis allows your furnace to work more efficiently. Dirty filters will only make your system work harder than necessary and increase utility bills. Generally, it’s best practice to change your filter once every other month.
  • Schedule regular tune-ups. A regular furnace tune-up is the best way to keep your system working flawlessly. Just as you take your car for regular inspections, getting an HVAC inspection annually to prevent potential problems is recommended. Schedule your service with Air Experts today!
  • Listen to the system. Paying close attention to your system is another way to ensure it’s working properly. If you hear odd sounds or notice funky smells coming from your system, these are signs that something is wrong. If you feel like something is off, call for a service check right away.
  • Clean vents and ducts. Vacuum return vents and be sure furniture isn’t blocking them from any airflow. It’s also a good idea to have your air ducts cleaned professionally every few years.

More questions? The team at Air Experts is available seven days a week for furnace tune-ups, HVAC inspections, AC repair, HVAC maintenance and so much more. Call us at (732) 759-0934 to schedule your service!

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