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If you’ve recently noticed that your boiler is leaking, your first question is probably “why?” 

Well, there are a variety of reasons your boiler could be leaking, and the reasons vary depending on where the leak is coming from.

To determine why your boiler is leaking, you’ll first need to determine if the leak is coming from…
Your pipes

  • Pressure valve
  • Pipe fittings
  • Body 
  • Circulator pump

Below, we’ll explain what causes your boiler to leak from the parts listed above, and more importantly, what you’ll need to do to stop it from leaking. 

If your boiler’s pipes are leaking…

…corrosion is likely the culprit. 

If your boiler is older (10+ years old ), corrosion in your pipes is fairly normal. Since your boiler heats your home with water, over time, it’s natural for steel pipes to corrode. 

Depending on how extensive the corrosion is, a tech may be able to replace part of your boiler’s piping or may have to replace your entire system. The average boiler lasts about 10-15 years, so if your boiler is around this age, your system could have wide-spread corrosion that may require you to replace your entire system.

Our recommendation would be to contact a technician. They will be able to assess your system and let you know what the best solution will be moving forward.  

If your boiler’s pressure valve is leaking…

…your boiler pressure is probably too high. 

Most boilers operate under a “normal” pressure between 15 and 20 psi (pounds per square inch). If the pressure inside a boiler system exceeds this pressure range, a safety feature called a pressure relief valve lets out excess water. This prevents long-term damage to your boiler. 

What causes your boiler pressure to increase beyond a “normal” range?

  • Too much water inside the system
  • Malfunctioning parts like your pressure relief valve or filling loop
  • Obstruction inside your system 
  • Limescale buildup

Regardless of the reason for the high-pressure levels in your boiler, you should reach out to a technician for help. They will be able to accurately determine the issue and provide you with the best solution.  

If your boiler’s pipe fittings are leaking…

…it’s likely due to poor installation (pipes were fit incorrectly or the tech was rushing and/or didn’t complete the job).

Our suggestion would be to reach out to the technician or company who recently installed or repaired your system. Quality companies usually offer labor warranties on their work and may fix it for a discounted price (or for free).  

If your boiler’s body is leaking…

…it’s usually due to aging. If your boiler is 10-15 years old, it’s not uncommon for the boiler itself to develop stress fatigues or start to rust, which can result in leaks from the body of the boiler. 

If your boiler is older and it’s leaking, you should hire a skilled tech. Most likely, the best solution, in this case, is to replace the boiler itself. Note: Depending on when your pipes were installed/last updated, they may still be in good shape. If this is the case, you’ll only need to replace the boiler and not the piping system throughout your home. A technician can help you determine whether you need to replace just your boiler or the boiler plus the entire piping system.  

If your boiler’s circulator pump is leaking…

…it’s probably the pump’s seals that are actually leaking.

Inside your circulator pump are rubber seals that are water-tight and meant to prevent the pump from leaking. However, over time and due to normal wear and tear, those seals can start to deteriorate and eventually cause leaking. 

If this is your issue, you should contact a technician. They will be able to replace your seals and reseal the circulator pump if needed. 

Still having issues with your boiler? Contact New Jersey’s Best Boiler Techs: Air Experts

If your boiler is still leaking or you think there may be another issue with your boiler, feel free to reach out to us. Our techs are highly trained to handle any make or model of boiler, so whatever the issue is, we can help you fix it.

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