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In New Jersey, installing a new gas furnace can cost up to $7,500, depending on many factors like: 

  • Brand
  • Efficiency
  • Furnace size
  • Furnace features
  • Labor costs

We’ll explain these factors in more detail.

Factors that could influence the price 

Several variables will affect the cost of your furnace, with some being more costly than others. 

The brand

 As with anything, the brand of furnace you choose will affect the price. 

It really comes down to your choice to purchase a premium brand versus a lesser-known brand. 

Premium brands include Lennox, Carrier, and American Standard among others. The furnaces made by these manufacturers are high-efficiency models that can consume less fuel and give you a name that you know you can trust.

Some lesser-known brands include Armstrong, Comfortmaker, and Tempstar. In most cases, these furnaces are just as useful but they carry a less recognizable name and can cost a little less.  


The higher the furnace’s efficiency, the more expensive the furnace.

Furnace efficiency is measured in AFUE, which tells you what percentage of fuel the furnace is using to heat your home and how much is lost due to inefficiency. 

The lowest gas furnace efficiency you can get is 80% AFUE, which means every dollar you spend on fuel, 80 cents actually goes towards heating your home. The other 20 cents is wasted. This type of furnace is called a “conventional furnace.”

The highest gas furnace efficiency you can get is 98% AFUE, which means every dollar you spend on fuel, 98 cents actually goes towards heating your home. The other 20 cents is wasted.   This type of furnace is called a “condensing furnace.”

Furnace size 

In a nutshell, the larger your furnace, the most expensive it will be, but you really don’t have a choice in the matter.

The size of the furnace you need is determined by the Manual J method. This method involves calculating your potential furnace’s capacity to expel heat compared to the electrical output based on your home’s window efficiency, size and other factors.

If your installer calculates everything accurately, there is always a chance that you can get a smaller furnace that can cost you less at the outset. 

The features of your furnace 

Again, as with most expensive purchases you make, the more features your furnace has, the more it will cost.

Some of the many features that furnaces include various blower types and programmable thermostats which give the homeowner the ability to regulate the temperature easier than doing it manually.

Furnaces also come in different stages.

Single-stage furnaces operate just as they sound, with one stage: high. They provide the same amount of heat regardless of the outdoor temperature.

A two-stage furnace, on the other hand, offers two “on” settings: low-fire and high-fire. These furnaces are smarter because they can automatically switch to high-fire when a lot of heat is needed and low-fire when less heat is required.

There are also variable-speed furnaces which include a motor that operates at various speeds for more precise temperature control.

Of course, the price increases with each model so refer to a professional to ensure that you are getting the proper features that your home requires and that you are not paying for features that you don’t need. 

Labor cost

This is an area where you do not want to cut corners. Hiring a quality installer is crucial because it not only ensures that your furnace will start working at peak efficiency right off the bat but could prevent pricy problems in the future.

As a rule, if you are on a strict budget, make sure you spend the money on a dependable installer but only get the essential furnace features. This will ensure that you get a great working furnace without breaking the bank. 

Need a furnace installer in New Jersey? 

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