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Is My Thermostat Causing My Heating Problems?

Welcome 2023! As January unfolds, it offers us many things, including a new page on the calendar and a fresh start for the rest of the year. But for homeowners, it also brings something else—cold weather. And for residents in New Jersey, bitter cold temperatures often lead to other things—like heating problems. But there’s good news. When you rely on Air Experts as your HVAC partner, you’ll never be left out in the cold.

But here is our question to you. Did you know that your thermostat can sometimes be the cause of an uncomfortable home? It’s true! To help you avoid troubling thermostat issues this winter, our HVAC experts are sharing ways to troubleshoot your own thermostat so you can be sure you’re experiencing the coziest warmth possible. After all, when Mother Nature unleashes her fury of bitter temperatures this season, we want you to be ready.

Common Thermostat Problems

Sometimes our homes don’t stay warm due to problems that originate with our thermostats. Fortunately, these issues are often easy to troubleshoot and simple enough for homeowners to fix. Here are six reasons your thermostat might be causing home heating issues—and what to do.

1. Thermostat placement

Worried your thermostat isn’t reading the room properly? Try moving it. It should never be placed in direct sunlight and should be at least five feet away from the door. Keeping it centrally located will ensure that it is reading the proper indoor temperature.

2. Cleaning and calibrating

Sometimes dirt and gunk can build up inside your thermostat and result in improper temperature readings. Try dusting or cleaning it to see if you notice a difference. You can also call our professionals for an expert cleaning, check, and re-calibration.

3. Old batteries

Did you know that some thermostats still use batteries? It’s true! If yours does, replace the old ones with a fresh set and see if things change.

4. Outdated system

How old is your thermostat? If it’s outdated, you could simply need a more modern replacement. Today’s programmable or smart thermostats are super-efficient, easy to use, and can help save you money. Call our team to install a new one in your home!

5. Improper installation

Not everyone is great at home improvements. If you’ve recently installed a new thermostat yourself and you’re having problems, you could need more professional assistance. Feel free to call us for expert service installation!

6. Unit is set incorrectly

Lastly, be sure you have your thermostat set to heat. Yes, we know, we know. That sounds like a no-brainer. But sometimes things get bumped or shifted and you don’t even realize the wrong setting is on. It’s much better to check and know there’s a simple solution than to call and spend money on a service you don’t really need!

The Beauty of Modern Thermostats

Are you in the market for a new thermostat? Our trained specialists offer free estimates, fast installation, and great service on thermostats. Plus, we service all models and brands. If you’d like to schedule service for a new thermostat installation or have questions about which programmable unit or smart thermostat is right for your home, call us today at (732) 759-0934.

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