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How Much Does Boiler Maintenance Cost in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, boiler maintenance can cost anywhere from $69 to $89.

  1. The cost of boiler maintenance can vary depending on:
  2. What’s included in the maintenance checklist

Whether you opt for a one-time visit or subscribe to a maintenance agreement
We’ll go into more detail about both of those cost factors below. But first, we’ll explain why boiler maintenance is important in the first place.

3 reasons why your boiler needs regular maintenance

It’s important to schedule annual maintenance for the following reasons:

  1. Maintenance reduces energy costs: During a maintenance visit (also called a “tune-up”), a technician can clean and adjust parts to make sure they are operating properly, which will help your boiler run at its highest efficiency. The more efficient the boiler, the lower your monthly energy bills will be.
  2. Maintenance keeps the manufacturer warranty valid: Most boiler manufacturers require proof of annual maintenance by a certified technician before they will honor the parts warranty. (The parts warranty covers the cost to replace parts that fail because of a manufacturing error.)
  3. Maintenance prolongs the lifespan of your equipment: Having a professional check and clean parts reduces the risk of breakdowns, which will extend the lifespan of your boiler.

Now that you know why boiler maintenance is important, let’s look at the cost factors that will determine what you’ll pay to have your boiler maintained. 

Cost factor #1: What’s included in the maintenance checklist

Most HVAC technicians use a checklist that lists important boiler components that need to be inspected during a maintenance visit.

As a general rule-of-thumb, the more exhaustive the checklist, the higher the cost of the maintenance visit. (The more parts a technician inspects, the longer the maintenance visit will take, which increases labor costs.)

That said, you want a technician to thoroughly inspect all major components of your boiler system so you get the benefits we listed in the section above.
At the bare minimum, a technician should do the following during a maintenance visit:

  • Test the high-limit control
  • Test pressure-relief valve
  • Inspect the heat exchanger for any deformities or leaks
  • Check the burners and ignition system for proper operation
  • Inspect gas lines for leaks and corrosion
  • Test all electrical/safety circuits/controls for proper operation
  • Check flue pipe for obstructions or leaks
  • Tighten any loose connections

Before you hire the technician, you can ask to see the checklist they will use during the maintenance visit. If their checklist doesn’t include what’s listed above, or they do not use a checklist, we recommend hiring a different technician.

See everything our technicians will check during a boiler maintenance visit by viewing our tune-up checklist.  

Cost factor #2: Whether you opt for a one-time visit or subscribe to a maintenance agreement

HVAC contractors offer customers two maintenance service options:

  • A single, one-time maintenance visit, which typically ranges from $75 to $150.
  • An annual maintenance agreement, which usually includes two HVAC tune-ups per year (one for your heating system and one for your AC). Annual maintenance agreements range from $150 to $300, depending on the contractor.

While purchasing a single boiler tune-up may be cheaper, you may get more for your money by choosing a maintenance agreement because it also includes a tune-up for your cooling system. Plus, many HVAC contractors offer exclusive benefits to maintenance agreement members such as:

  • Discounts on repairs
  • Priority scheduling over non-agreement customers
  • Emergency service 
  • And more

Before hiring an HVAC contractor, ask if they offer a maintenance agreement and see what benefits agreement members receive. After you take into consideration those benefits, subscribing to a maintenance agreement could provide the most long-term value. 

See what membership benefits we offer by visiting our Energy Saving Agreement page. 

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During a maintenance visit, our technicians follow an extensive checklist to ensure your boiler will operate at its highest capacity. For more information about what to expect when you hire Air Experts for a boiler tune-up, visit our heating maintenance service page.

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