How Much Does a Ductless AC Repair Cost in New Jersey? | Air Experts

A ductless AC repair in the New Jersey area costs anywhere from $89 to over $2,000+. The average ductless repair costs around $500, though.

We know—that’s a huge price range and you probably want specific pricing, right? Unfortunately, the only way to get an accurate repair estimate is to have a professional diagnose the unit first.

But to help you better understand what you might be expected to pay, we’ll break down the typical factors that affect ductless repair pricing.

The 4 factors that dictate what you’ll pay for your ductless AC repair include:

Let’s take a closer look at those cost factors.

Cost factor #1: The age and health of the ductless unit

The older the unit and the worse shape it’s in, the more your ductless repair will cost.

Ductless AC units can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years. And the closer your AC gets to the end of its lifetime, the more likely it is that more than one part is worn out and needs to be replaced (which raises repair costs). Typically, once a ductless unit hits 10+ years, homeowners start seeing higher repair bills.

On top of age, the “health” of your unit makes a difference in how much you’ll pay for repairs. A “healthy” AC is one that’s been maintained regularly over the years. You see, regular maintenance prevents big, expensive problems before they start.

The bottom line: If you’ve neglected your aging air conditioner and haven’t maintained it over the years, you might want to prepare yourself for a high AC repair bill.

Cost factor #2: Whether “OEM” or “aftermarket” parts are used

OEM replacement parts typically cost more than aftermarket, or “non-OEM” parts.

“OEM” refers to parts that were made by the Original Equipment Manufacturer. For example, if you have a Lennox AC, an OEM replacement part is one that’s made by Lennox and made specifically for your AC’s make and model.

The benefit to choosing OEM replacement parts is that they’re rigorously tested for safety, they’re often higher quality than non-OEM parts and they won’t void your AC warranty (most manufacturers will void an AC warranty if it’s been repaired with non-OEM parts).

On the other hand, some homeowners prefer to use aftermarket parts because these are much more widely available—which means they offer cheaper and faster repairs. It all just comes down to preference and convenience. So always ask your tech whether they’re using OEM or non-OEM, or “aftermarket” repair parts.

Cost factor #3: How many quotes you get from different companies

The more quotes you get, the more you’ll pay overall.

If you want to get multiple quotes for your repair, we don’t blame you. It’s a smart move. However, you’ll need to budget for the additional cost of each quote.

You see, almost every HVAC company charges what’s called a “service call charge”. That’s the cost they charge to send a tech to your home, inspect your unit and diagnose the problem (this does not include the actual repair).

Service call charges (also called a “trip charge” or “diagnostic fee”) usually range from $60 to 150+.

The good news is that most companies will waive that fee if you choose them to perform the repair. But remember, if you get more than one quote, you’ll need to budget appropriately for the extra service call charges.

Cost factor #4: The professional you end up choosing

Higher quality professionals usually charge more.

The more experience and skill a tech offers, the higher the quality of their ductless AC repairs—which justifies their higher prices.
That said, just because a tech charges more doesn’t always mean they’re the best option. To help you pick a high-quality professional, make sure they:

  • Work for a company that has been in business for at least 10 years
  • Are licensed and insured by the state of New Jersey
  • Provide upfront pricing in writing
  • Offer a warranty on their repairs
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