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Create a Fresh New Indoor Space This Spring

Create a Fresh New Indoor Space This Spring

Our 6 Ideas Will Help Boost Your Indoor Air Quality, too!

Spring is all about renewal and starting fresh. But as a homeowner, you shouldn’t limit your spring renewal to simply planting flowers and seeding the lawn. You should also consider improving your home’s indoor space, as well.

Have you been searching for new ideas for freshening up your home this month? If yes, you’re in luck. The team at Air Experts has some fun, easy ways to boost your home happiness this season.

6 Easy Ways to Make a Happy Indoor Space

It’s time to hop into spring with some new ideas and a fresh indoor living space. Check out our ideas!

1. Add Some Plants

One simple way to freshen up a room is to add new plants. Greenery not only adds a pop of color to any space, but some can help purify your indoor air. It’s true! Selections such as spider plants, aloe plants, peace lilies, and dragon trees are good “air purifying” options. Just be careful as some varieties can be poisonous to dogs and cats. Check with your garden center first if you have pets and plan to purchase one.  

2. Say Goodbye to Clutter

Holding on to unused items and clothing you never wear only collects dust. And dust can lead to allergies, breathing issues, and poor air quality, too. Take a good look around your home and get rid of items you haven’t used in over a year. Then start organizing! A tidy home is a clean home with better air flow and better air quality. You can donate your gently used items to most charities or make some money by selling your stuff during a yard sale!

3. Add Some Color

Whether it’s painting walls or buying new throw pillows or blankets, changing up your color scheme can add style to a tired, old room. Throw pillows are an especially affordable way to add spice to a room. If you’re not up for purchasing new ones, simply alternate pillows from different rooms of the house. Painting is another fun way to add color. Go with a simple accent wall if you’re tight on time and money.

4. Move Your Furniture

When was the last time you moved your furniture? A change of scenery can give a room a whole new look. A different perspective can do wonders! Of course, moving furniture means you’ll need to clean. Vacuum those return vents as you clean and dust.

5. Use The Sunlight

Whether you have blinds or drapes, make it a regular habit to adjust them each morning and allow the sunlight to enter your room.  Bright spaces not only fill rooms with happiness and energy, but the extra light can also lift your mood. If you don’t have many windows, set a brighter atmosphere using sconces, battery operated candles, extra table lamps, or hanging pendants.

6. Consider an Air Purifier

Fresh, pure air can help reduce allergies, asthma, and other respiratory symptoms. Consider a room air purifier or a whole home indoor air filtration system to help energize and clean your living space. Just knowing you are helping to prevent bacteria, mold, and other pollutants from entering you home is enough to make any homeowner smile. Air Experts is also happy to help with any questions you may have about indoor air quality products for your home.

Happy Spring to all!

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