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5 Home Tips from the Pros

One of the things we learn as homeowners is that items in a home break down, and usually at the worst possible time. It’s just a fact of life. Whether it’s a cracked window, a broken washing machine, or an even a blown electrical fuse, devices wear down and can stop working properly. And that’s when it’s time to call for repairs.

At Air Experts, we see our fair share of repair work—especially when it comes to HVAC. And since the month of November is National Repair Done Right Month, we are celebrating our expertise in “repair done right.” This means you have an entire month dedicated to taking care of those repairs that have been on that ”to-do” list. And with Air Experts on your side, you’re guaranteed to get them done quickly, properly, and efficiently. How’s that for celebrating?

Do You Know When to Call for Repairs?

It’s normal for homeowners to be unsure about when systems need professional heater repair or cooling repair. After all, heating and cooling system can be complicated. If you are confused about the right time to call for repairs, we’re here to help!

Here are five signs your system may need some fixing.

  1. Your heater has trouble starting

As heating systems age, they can encounter various problems—including starting issues. There can be many reasons your system is malfunctioning. Dirty filters, furnace ignition errors, or even thermostat settings, can cause your heater to have problems when you turn it on. One of our licensed techs can investigate and determine what heater repairs maybe be needed.

  1. You have a weak or discolored pilot light

Have you noticed something is off with your pilot light? If it is weak or your flame is yellowish and not blue, this indicates something is wrong and a repair is on the horizon. Give us a call for a quick checkup!

  1. Strange smells or noises are coming from your system

Strange smells or odd noises coming from your heater could signal clogged air filters, loose parts, overheating, or even a gas leak (if you smell rotten eggs get out of the house ASAP and call 911). Whatever the smell or noise, if it’s not normal, our pros can take investigate and put your mind at ease.

  1. Increased energy bills

Are your utility bills increasing significantly—even during milder outdoor temperatures? This may indicate that something is going on with your heater. If you haven’t scheduled your annual heater tune-up yet, this check-in could help solve any underlying problems that may be going on. Call us for HVAC service! We will check your air filters, tighten wire connections, clean blower compartments, clean and adjust burners, and so much more. Most likely, this comprehensive check will prevent those utility bills from spiking again.

  1. Short cycling occurs often

Does your system turn on and off abruptly? This is referred to as “short cycling” and can be the root of heating issues. It could mean dirty filters, blocked airflow, worn out heating parts, or more. Our team can determine the cause.

Troubleshoot Issues & Help Prevent Premature Replacement

For less serious home heating and cooling issues, homeowners should know what they should and shouldn’t do to help prevent repair and premature furnace replacement.

Here are some quick checks you can do yourself, before calling on the pros for professional HVAC service.

  • Clean or replace air filters
  • Check batteries in thermostat and test connections
  • Check for tripped breakers or blown fuses
  • Inspect heater condenser for debris (and remove any you may find)
  • Check that pilot light is functioning properly
  • Check that vents and registers are not blocked
  • Check that your heating access panel is securely shut

Happy Thanksgiving from Air Experts!

As we close in on Thanksgiving, the crew at Air Experts hope you enjoy a safe and happy Thanksgiving. We are grateful for your service all year and wish you the very best this holiday season. As always when you need HVAC service assistance in your Monmouth or Ocean County home, our licensed technicians are always here to help! Schedule your appointment online right here.

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