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10 Ways to Help Save Money on Your Heating Bill

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Inflation is taking its toll on everyone lately. From the prices at the grocery store to the rising interest rates, so many of us are taking a hit to our wallets. And with the holidays on the horizon, it feels like the extra spending is just never-ending. But fear not! As homeowners ourselves, Air Experts understands how important it is to save some cash whenever we can—especially during the winter months when energy bills start to rise.

So, to help keep you on budget this season, our team of experts has compiled 10 great tips to help you save money on your heating bill. Use all of them together and watch those energy bills dip and your energy efficiency soar!

10 Tips for Saving Money This Winter

1. Reverse ceiling fans.

Do you have ceiling fans? Winter is no time to turn them off! Instead, set them in reverse (clockwise direction) and enjoy better warmth. When you reverse your ceiling fans, they bring warm air from the top of the room down to the living area. Trust us, it works!

2. Move furniture around.

How’s your home’s feng shui? Hopefully your living space is balanced without affecting your heating. For instance, if your furniture is blocking vents or radiators, you won’t be getting your ideal comfort. If you notice that chairs, bookshelves, or sofas are blocking vents, try some reorganization to let warm air flow more freely.

3. Check your fireplace.

If your home has a real wood-burning fireplace, you could be losing up to 20 percent of your heat through the fireplace. Yikes! If you consistently use your fireplace, be sure to check your damper. Loose or damaged dampers can contribute to heat loss—and that’s just like throwing money out the window! For homeowners who don’t use their real fireplace, consider a fireplace plug to help seal the flue.

4. Add some rugs.

Not only do area rugs add personality and color to your home, but if you have hardwood floors, they will also add cozy warmth. Thick, plush, shag rugs are particularly good options.

5. Lower the thermostat.

Believe it or not, setting your thermostat back a few degrees during the wintertime can help you save big on utility bills. Try keeping thermostats between 68 – 70 during the day, then bump it even lower at night. If you’re feeling chilly, use blankets to snuggle at night when watching TV!

6. Upgrade your insulation.

Insulation can wear out—and when that happens your indoor comfort can be compromised. When you upgrade your insulation, you can easily boost your energy savings. Even better, the new Inflation Reduction Act offers tax credits on upgraded insulation and other rebates as well. Ask your comfort advisor for more information on this!

7. Check for air leaks.

Feeling a draft? Do a thorough check of all doors and windows to determine where air might be escaping. If you locate a leak, replace your old weather stripping, or install new stripping if you don’t already have some.

8. Use draft dodgers.

Use towels or specially created “draft dodgers” that block cold air from entering at the base of doors. They can be especially helpful at blocking cold air that often enters through the garage.

9. Purchase a water heater blanket.

Don’t laugh! Water heaters can get chilly, too! And just as we enjoy a cozy blanket in the winter, your water heater can benefit from one as well. Check your hardware store for an insulated water heater blanket.  These wraps help keep heat contained to your water heater so you’re getting the warmest water possible while not losing any heat. Also, be smart about the temperature you set for your water heater. Keeping it around 120 and 140 degrees is a good way to keep energy bills manageable. 

10. Schedule a heating tune-up.

While all our tips should help you save a few bucks this season, the best way to ensure savings all year long is with an annual heating tune-up. It’s not too late to schedule yours, either. When you call Air Experts for professional heating maintenance, you’ll help eliminate the need for repairs and cut back on any potential breakdowns, too. Plus, you’ll experience true comfort 365 days a year.

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