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What do you know about HVAC? Are the internet tips and tricks for saving money on cooling and heating telling the truth, or are you falling for falsehoods? Air Experts reviews some of the more common HVAC notions below and helps you separate the facts from the fiction, the myths from the realities. As your Monmouth and Ocean County HVAC experts, Air Experts will ensure access to accurate information and the most professional technicians to keep your home comfortable.

Myth: Bigger is better

Fact: HVAC units come in different sizes, and the right size and style depend on your home and your family’s specific needs. If an HVAC unit is too small, it will run continuously, and you’ll see higher energy bills. An HVAC unit that is too big will cycle on and off more often, increasing wear and tear on the unit. Air Experts will help you determine which model and size you need for your New Jersey home.

Myth: Save money by changing your air filter less frequently

Fact: You’re not saving money by skipping a regular air filter replacement. An air filter works to catch dust, pollen, and other irritants before they enter your home. If that filter becomes too dirty, your HVAC unit must work harder to draw air into the house, which will lead to higher energy bills. If you have questions about how often to replace your air filter, contact us at Air Experts.

Myth: Cool down quickly by dramatically lowering your thermostat

Fact: While it’s tempting to try to cool down a hot house by setting your thermostat to 50°F, all you’re really doing is forcing your HVAC unit to work harder than it needs to. Try reducing the temperature by a few degrees at a time, or invest in a programmable thermostat that starts cooling things down when you’re on your way home.

Myth: HVAC maintenance is a waste of money

Fact: Investing in an HVAC maintenance agreement can pay you back in reduced energy costs and a potentially higher lifespan for your equipment. The Air Experts Energy Saving Agreement offers two maintenance visits each year and discounts on repairs. Our HVAC technicians are skilled at spotting minor problems before they become big – and expensive – fixes. So, if you’re the kind of person who never buys the warranty, consider making an exception for an HVAC maintenance plan.

Myth: Close registers in the rooms you aren’t using

Fact: Your home was built to maximize heating and cooling in every space. When you close off a register, you alter the airflow and may stress your ductwork more.

Myth: Ceiling fans cool down the temperature in a room

Fact: Moving air makes you feel cooler because your body loses heat through convection and evaporation. It does not, however, make the air temperature cooler. Enjoy the fan while you’re in the room, but make sure to turn it off while the room is empty.

Don’t believe everything you read. Air Experts want our customers to have the facts about their home’s HVAC systems. Talk to Air Experts at (732) 759-0934 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

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