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Chilly? Try Our 10 Heating Tricks to Stay Cozy

Brrr. Why is it so cold? If feels like we just finished raking leaves and now we’re knee-deep in holiday preparation and trying to stay warm. For those of us who live in New Jersey, there’s no fighting the bitter weather that lies ahead. Jack Frost is slowly seeping into our cozy homes and chilling us to the bone. But fear not, friends! From insulation tips to furnace repair, the elves at Air Experts are here to provide cozy answers to Mother Nature’s dipping temps.

10 Ways to Beat the Cold at Home

Since we started our business in 1994, the team at Air Experts has kept homeowners throughout Monmouth, Middlesex, and Ocean counties warm and safe with our expert advice and emergency HVAC services. Here are some of our “insider tips” for staying cozy this winter.

Fill those gaps in your windows.
Warm air can easily escape through cracks and gaps in your windows and doors. Do a thorough check of your home to see if you’re losing heat through doors or windows. If you notice air escaping, try a little DIY, and caulk or seal those gaps yourself!

Layer on flannels and blankets.
A quick way to boost your body’s warmth is to dress in layers. Base layers topped with flannels and hoodies can easily increase your core temperature. When you’re sitting on the couch at night watching TV, add some blankets to snuggle with. Even better, invest in an electric blanket and you’ll always stay cozy.

Treat yourself to a smart thermostat.
These devices are called smart for a reason. Smart thermostats easily learn your living patterns and adjust temperatures accordingly. They’re the perfect way to keep you cozy and lower those energy bills, too.

Let the sun heat your home.
When we get chilly, there’s no better feeling than warm sunshine on our faces. During the day, open blinds and curtains in rooms that get direct sunlight—and let the sun heat up your space. Once the sun has set, close blinds to trap warm air inside.

Reverse the blades on your ceiling fan.
Have you been letting your ceiling fan collect dust since summer ended? If so, it’s time to do a thorough cleaning of the blades. Once the dust is gone, reverse the direction of the blades so they’re turning clockwise. This will push the warm air near the ceiling down into your living space. Instant warmth!

Add carpets.
Adding carpets or throw rugs to tile or hardwood floors can help trap in warmth. Plus, they look cozy and cute!

Close the fireplace flue.
If your home has a real wood-burning fireplace, be sure the damper is closed when it’s not in use. This will keep the cold air from seeping into your home. While it certainly sounds like no-brainer, we know we often forget to do this ourselves!

Sip something warm.
Do you love spiced cider or hot cocoa? Get into the habit of drinking warm beverages when you feel a chill. Sipping on hot drinks warms your body from the inside out—and these drinks taste good too! Our tip? Add some cinnamon sticks or candy canes to get into the holiday spirit.

Call us!
To avoid unwanted emergency HVAC repair this winter, call us now to get a comprehensive heater checkup. Our pros will fine tune your system, so you’ll have nothing but a cozy home and 100% peace of mind all winter long.

Upgrade your insulation.
Do you have an older home with outdated fixtures or appliances? If so, you most likely have outdated insulation, too (or possibly none in some areas). Consider insulating your crawl spaces or attics to boost your home’s warmth.

Happy Holidays!

The crew at Air Experts is wishing all our customers a happy, warm, and safe holiday this year. And remember, to keep your home safe and cozy, Air Experts is just a click away when you need help with frozen pipes, water heater maintenance, and furnace repair. Merry Christmas!

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