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Are you having consistent issues with your air conditioner? You might be wondering whether you should repair it again or if it’s time to just replace it. The answer is: It depends.

You’ll want to replace your AC if:

  • It will be very expensive to repair
  • It is more than 15 years old
  • It requires frequent and expensive repairs
  • Your energy bills are higher than they should be

If these signs apply to you, keep reading. 

When in doubt, it’s best to have an experienced HVAC technician in NJ take a look at it for you.

Factor #1: It will be very expensive to repair

If the cost of the repair is 50% or more of the total value of a new AC installation, you should consider replacing it.

Depending on the issue, some AC repairs can be very expensive. It all depends on what type of repair is needed and how long the job will take. Generally speaking, if a repair is going to cost 50% or more than what a new installation is worth, it makes more economical sense to forego the repair and replace the system instead. 

Factor #2: It is more than 15 years old

If your AC has reached the end of its lifespan, replacing it will cost less than paying an abundance of costly repairs.

According to, an air conditioner is generally built to last about 15 to 20 years. With time, normal wear and tear will begin to break down the AC’s parts. This leads to poor performance, frequent repairs and higher utility bills.

If you’re hesitant to replace an old AC, just think about all the money you’ll save by not constantly repairing or replacing parts. 

Factor #3: It requires frequent and expensive repairs

If you’re dumping hundreds or thousands of dollars into AC repairs, you’ll save money in the long run by replacing the system.
An air conditioner shouldn’t need to be repaired frequently. And if it’s old AND breaks down often, it’s definitely time to consider a new one.

The best way to determine whether the constant repairs are worth your time and money is to ask an HVAC professional for an honest assessment. If the AC is likely to need additional expensive repairs in the near future, your money is better spent on a new one. 

Factor #4: Your energy bills are higher than they should be

Higher energy bills are a sign that your AC isn’t as efficient as it should be.

According to, steadily increasing energy bills are a good sign that you need to replace your air conditioner because it’s not efficient. AC efficiency is measured with a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) number. The higher the number, the more efficient the air conditioner.

If your air conditioner is at least 10 years old, a newer AC model will be much more efficient. Purchasing a new model with a higher SEER number will save you money down the line because you’ll likely pay less in utilities each month. 

Need a professional opinion? Contact Air Experts.

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